HMD 2-IN-1

HMD 2-in-1 is a European therapeutic blend of natural nanomized mineral silicate and plant-based detoxifiers, which works as an efficient heavy metal chelating agent and free radical scavenger to lessen the effects of oxidative stress.

HMD 2-IN-1

Why HMD 2-in-1?

Accumulating high levels of heavy metals can be toxic and affect the body’s functions.

Heavy metals in polluted air, contaminated food, water, cosmetics, medications, dental filling, utensils, industrial exposure, and more continue to expose us to health risks daily. With this, the brain, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal, reproductive and nervous systems are particularly susceptible to their ill effects.

Common toxic heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, inorganic arsenic and mercury, exhibit no essential biochemical roles. However, they have been found to bind in cells and tissues, creating oxidative stress, affecting endocrine function, and interfering with the organ systems.

Exposure to chronic heavy metals may cause one to experience alarming symptoms such as fatigue, headache, vomiting, nausea, joint and muscle pain, and constipation.

While the human body needs a small number of heavy metals such as zinc, iron and magnesium to support normal cellular functions, we can do without some heavy metals harming our system.


European proprietary blend of Nanomized Natural Organic Food Grade Mineral Silicate (contain natural calcium and magnesium) and natural blend of plant-based detoxifiers: Coriandrum sativum, Chlorella vulgaris and Nigella sativa.

Coriandrum sativum, Chlorella vulgaris and Nigella sativa are complementary to Nanomized Natural Organic Food Grade Mineral Silicate to provide more efficient and effective detoxification.

Nanomized Natural Organic Food Grade Mineral Silicate

  • Hydrating natural mineral containing aluminium, silica and oxygen
  • A valuable mineral for a range of detoxification therapies
  • Heavy metal, toxin and free radical sorbents
  • Non-toxic – no cell membrane permeation and remains inert
  • Has positive effects as an antioxidant
  • Possesses two types of cages known as α-cage and β-cage

Coriandrum sativum

  • Chemical compounds in cilantro, also commonly known as Chinese parsley, have the ability to mobilize toxic metals out from tissues
  • Effective in removing inorganic and methylmercury
  • Leads to marked decline in oxidative stress caused by lead nitrate

Chlorella Vulgaris

  • Rich in chlorophyll which has a similar function to haemoglobin
  • Effective in detoxifying heavy metal, harmful substances and dioxin
  • Chlorophyll inhibits dioxin absorption and accelerate its excretion
  • Rich in antioxidants, alginic acid and fibre that support detoxification

Nigella sativa

  • Black cumin contains thymol and thymoquinone which can neutralise heavy metals and have antioxidant properties