Unparalleled Potency

SR Forte Range of Frozen Peptides and Cells

SR FORTE top-of-the-range cell therapy range consists of non-synthetic peptides with high bio-potency retained through a special cryopreservation process. This frozen condition stops the denaturation of the extracts, preserving their physiological integrity and high bioactivity upon use. The peptides contain no preservatives or stabilizers.

SR Forte Range of Frozen Peptides and Cells


SR FORTE Frozen Range is known for its unique qualities such as:
• The most dynamic and freshest in the SR FORTE product line
• Whole cells, and contains more of the important parts required in the cells
• Deliver high bioactivity and optimum efficacy with cryopreservation


Cold Processed Cold-Pro Extraction and Sterilization, Cryo-preservation and Proprietary Infusion Technology.

Who can benefit

Recommended for all aged 50 and above who need stronger cells to help address their existing health complications, and for those seeking general anti-aging solutions. Experience the best that we can offer with Frozen Peptides (FP) and Frozen Cell (FC).