SR Forte’s range of health and wellness solutions embodies the pinnacle of Swiss excellence, merging decades of expertise in bioregenerative medicine with quality, precision, and prestige. Utilising cutting-edge technology and only the highest standard of ingredients available, SR Forte aims to provide impeccably safe and superior products that harness the natural rejuvenation powers of animal and plant extracts. These exquisite solutions, formulated in the heart of Switzerland, are meticulously perfected with the intent of elevating everyday health and wellness regimens while enhancing youth and vitality – bringing to fore a unique selection of cosmetic, therapeutic, and supplementary offerings to a global clientele.


To provide a wide range of bioregenerative medicine solutions that help to overcome health and wellness concerns, empowering those who matter most – YOU.


To empower people with better health, wellness, and quality of life.



Strive to provide a holistic approach with solutions that target various health concerns, as well as overall wellness.

Quality products

High standards to ensure solutions that are impeccably safe and reliable, based on a combination of premium ingredients, cutting-edge innovations, and continuous research and development.


We welcome OEM partnerships with shared values and capabilities to meet the needs of clients worldwide.